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How to track IP address of a device? is the IP address assigned to the routers by default. This IP address can generally be used for address locating purposes and getting access to a bunch of features that can be used to modify the network that the user is on. How to access 192.168 l 254 router login and the settings can also be used to make certain changes to the router configuration as well. This IP address is the default address for the routers of many brands and is assigned to only one device at a time since the address needs to remain distinct to avoid conflicts. IP address is generally followed by a credential entry page before granting the user an access to the settings. ip login

The users can get access to some basic information pertaining to their network and modem along with getting access to make changes in certain basic and advanced settings. The basic settings that the users can change include the network name, the security system of the network, the password and so on. The advanced settings that the users can change include the DNS, Proxy, WPS, WLAN settings. These settings need to be tweaked carefully and are sometimes essential to optimise the network in terms of speed, connectivity and signal strength. However, it is hard for the beginner to make any of these changes since these are sensitive as well.


Before getting into the settings section, the user first needs to have his username and password handy. These credentials can be found on the modem itself on any one of the labels provided. Some modem companies also disclose their respective credentials on the internet as well.

The steps include: The user needs to open any of the web browsers on his device. The device may be a smart phone, a tablet or a PC. In the address bar of the web browser, he needs to enter 192.168.l.254. The user can then see the initial login page of the modem. In the respective spaces provided, the user needs to enter the credentials so as to proceed to the settings section.


The password is generally the same until the user himself makes any changes. However, if he has already changed the password and forgotten, he needs to set his router up again after clicking on the factory reset button provided on the back of every router. If he has not changed the password previously, he can definitely find the username and password printed on a label pasted on the modem itself or sometimes on the packaging of the modem.


The page under this IP address often fails to load due to address conflicts. In such cases the users can refresh their browser window or use the other IP addresses like so as to access the modem settings page. 192.168.l.254 is probably the easiest way using which the users can make changes to their network or their modem and optimize their network.